Temperance Seven

This show finished on: 15 May 2012

Who could have predicted that a band, which hit the top of the charts in 1961 with a song and style that were already forty years out of date, would still be around, still  playing the same style of music...... now over eighty years out of date!


The original members have all long ceased to appear with the band, but the current incumbents who can boast over 200 years of service between them have carried on  the inimitable sound, the hilarious deadpan tomfoolery, and the sartorial elegance of  The Temperance Seven. Audiences regularly comment on the fact that they sound and look just the same as when they first heard the band in the 60s!  

Enjoy jazz classics from the past, original compositions, novelty numbers ....so whatever your taste in jazz  The Temperance Seven will play it for you.

Lead from the rear by Captain Chris Buckley on the Sousaphone, are: The Right Hon. John Tucker QC (cornet): Flight Commander Patrick Rixon (valve trombone):  Private Willie Entwistle (clarinet, violin, penny whistle and alto sax):  Monsieur Pierre Danby (alto sax, baritone sax, clarinet and EU rep!)     Michael Grimsargh Deighan (banjo, guitar and ukulele): Dr. Warren Shifty Latham (grand jazz percussion kit): with  Colonel Alexander Hitchcock Galloway (MC and vocals).

The Temperance Seven play what they like, in a way that they like, and their enormous enjoyment is hilariously  transmitted to their audiences everywhere.. 

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