Bulky waste such as furniture


Please note this service does not operate on bank holiday Mondays, Good Friday or during Christmas and New Year's weeks.

What do we collect?

This service is for waste that is too large or heavy to fit into your bins, such as furniture, washing machines, fridges and freezers. This is a chargeable service (see below).

 Please note the following:

  • Fridges/Freezers need to be empty of food and have the doors taped securely shut. Please note: we do not collect large, American-style or commercial fridges and freezers because they are too large for the tail-lifts on our vehicle.
  • We do not collect heavy items such as building rubble; posts; paving stones; iron baths; soil; pianos; hazardous waste such as asbestos (roofing tiles etc); florescent tubes (they contain mercury); hygiene waste (sharps etc); heavy panes of glass and glass doors.
  • Certain items will need to be checked before collection, such as roofing, to ensure they are not hazardous.

Can my old furniture or electrical items be reused or recycled instead?

The Surrey Reuse Network works with various charities to reuse and recycle good quality furniture and electrical items. Why not contact them to check before you commit to booking a bulky waste collection with the Council?

Is there a cost if I book a collection with the Council?

Our collection service is chargeable depending on how many items you wish us to collect. Please note that five ordinary bin-bags of waste count as one item. The service is non-refundable once booked. All items need to be booked on the first call, we cannot add items to a booked collection at a later date.

You can pay online using the link above, or pay by cheque/cash at the Town Hall.  Do not send cash in the post.

If you have a large amount of waste, or an unusual item, we can provide a specific quote after visiting the property to assess the load.

When and where do collections happen?

Collections are made from the front boundary of your property between 6.30am and 5pm. Please ensure that your items are out for collection by 6.30am. We will allocate a specific collection day when we take payment. Collection days are by Wards:

  • Auriol - Monday
  • College - Friday
  • Court - Wednesday
  • Cuddington - Monday
  • Ewell - Tuesday
  • Ewell Court - Monday
  • Nonsuch - Tuesday
  • Ruxley - Wednesday
  • Stamford - Thursday
  • Stoneleigh - Tuesday
  • Town - Friday
  • West Ewell - Wednesday
  • Woodcote - Thursday

Check your Ward.

Garden waste recycling

We can collect garden waste, which we would prefer to be in bags (priced as above). We will need to visit and quote if you wish us to collect un-bagged garden waste. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our fortnightly kerbside garden waste recycling service.

We can only collect garden waste that is uncontaminated and fully suitable for recycling (organic garden waste only, no kitchen food waste, no fallen fruit, no plastics or other non-organic waste, no branches thicker than three inches/7.5 centimetres).

Taking bulky waste to the tip

You can also take bulky waste to the Community Recycling Centre, Blenheim Road, where it may be recycled, depending on type.