Mixed recycling bin - weekly collection


Leave your bins out for collection in a clearly visible place at the edge of your property by 6.30am on collection day. Please note we work as normal on bank holiday Mondays and Good Friday. What happens if a collection is missed?

Quick guide to what goes where

It's really important to put the right thing in the right bin. What can I do if the Council can't recycle it?

Weekly mixed recycling bin

Your green wheelie bin is for recycling paper, card, cartons, plastics and cans. NO GLASS, NO FOOD, NO TEXTILES.

It's really important to put only the right things in your bin, as below. Putting the wrong things in (like glass, food or textiles) is expensive because they have to be sorted out and may end up being disposed of as refuse. Always put the right thing in the right bin.

Please recycle:

  • Paper - white or coloured, printed or plain, including envelopes (even with windows)
  • Cardboard - any type, such as boxes, packaging, cards), coloured paper and envelopes
  • Cartons - such as drinks or soup cartons
  • Plastics - such as plastic bottles (you can keep the bottle-tops on), pots, tubs and trays. Why do we recycle fewer plastics now?
  • Cans and tins - both steel and aluminium, including aerosols (fully expended please)

We do not recycle foil. Clean foil can be recycled at the Community Recycling Centre, Blenheim Road but we do not collect it in our bins because very often it is too dirty to recycle, making sorting your recycling more expensive.

Put recycling in your bin loose, not bagged. It's easier and cheaper to sort them out afterwards. DO NOT PUT GLASS, FOODTEXTILES OR FOIL IN THIS BIN. Why is it OK to put plastic bags in food waste but not in the green recycling bin?

If you have too much recycling for your bin you can leave it next to your bin in a labelled, clear bag and we will take it, like this:

Large pieces of cardboard, such as packaging from a new TV, can be left next to your bin and we will take it.

Can I have an extra bin?

Help for the disabled or elderly

What happens to my recycling?



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