Simon Yates - The Wild Within

This show finished on: 1 May 2012

Following his successful Beyond the Void talks in 2008-2009, mountaineer Simon Yates is back on tour this spring with a new talk The Wild Within

In The Wild Within Simon recounts his experiences of teaming up with mountaineering legends Doug Scott, Andy Parkin and Joe Simpson and his perpetual quest to seek out the world's few remaining wildernesses.

Simon is a man who had to make a harrowing decision, whilst trapped on his descent from Peru's Siula Grande with climbing partner Joe Simpson. Believing Joe to be dead on the end of the rope, and being slowly pulled off the mountain whilst losing all feeling in his hands, Simon was forced to make the stark decision to cut the rope that joined them in order to save his own life - a story retold in Joe's best-selling book and the BAFTA award-winning film, Touching the Void, that made both men household names.

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