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Banstead Musical Theatre present Sweet Charity

Tuesday 8th - Saturday 12th October

Sweet Charity follows the romantic trials and tribulations of Charity Hope Valentine, who tries again and again to find her dream and make something of herself, who wants more than anything to be loved. Charity’s hopeful romanticism and unfailing optimism lift her out of her circumstances and help her reach for a life beyond whilst working at the seedy Fandango Ballroom as a taxi dancer — a dance partner-for-hire — alongside her two best friends, Nickie and Helene. Charity wears her heart on her sleeve, and in the past, she’s been strung along and hung out to dry b

Dance, Drama, Family, Music

Tuesday 08 7:30pm    buy tickets

Wednesday 09 7:30pm    buy tickets

Thursday 10 7:30pm    buy tickets

Friday 11 7:30pm    buy tickets

Saturday 12 7:30pm    buy tickets

Saturday 12 2:30pm    buy tickets

Epsom Light Opera Company present The Producers

Tuesday 22nd to Saturday 26th October 2024

Epsom Light Opera Company is thrilled to be staging THE PRODUCERS at the Epsom Playhouse this autumn.

Comedy, Drama

Tuesday 22 7:30pm    buy tickets

Wednesday 23 7:30pm    buy tickets

Thursday 24 7:30pm    buy tickets

Friday 25 7:30pm    buy tickets

Saturday 26 2:30pm    buy tickets

Saturday 26 7:30pm    buy tickets

Leatherhead Operatic Society present Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Tuesday 19th - Saturday 23rd November 2024

Bringing Roald Dahl’s beloved tale to life on the Epsom Playhouse stage with vibrant energy and whimsical charm, featuring a score by Marc Shaiman with lyrics by Scott Wittman. Following young Charlie Bucket as he wins a golden ticket to tour Willy Wonka’s well-guarded and mysterious chocolate factory, this production is bedecked with lavish sets and dazzling costumes. Seat yourself comfortably in this world of pure imagination and get ready for a magical musical experience suited to children and adults alike.

Drama, Family

Tuesday 19 7:30pm    buy tickets

Wednesday 20 7:30pm    buy tickets

Thursday 21 7:30pm    buy tickets

Friday 22 7:30pm    buy tickets

Saturday 23 6:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 23 1:00pm    buy tickets

Santa’s Christmas Cracker

Saturday 7th to Tuesday 24th December

Following last year’s sell-out performances of Santa’s Christmas Wish, Honalee Media are delighted to present their next hit Santa Show this Christmas…

Drama, Family, Music

Saturday 07 10:00am    buy tickets

Saturday 07 12:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 07 2:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 07 4:00pm    buy tickets

Sunday 08 4:00pm    buy tickets

Sunday 08 10:00am    buy tickets

Sunday 08 12:00pm    buy tickets

Sunday 08 2:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 14 4:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 14 10:00am    buy tickets

Saturday 14 12:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 14 2:00pm    buy tickets

Sunday 15 2:00pm    buy tickets

Sunday 15 4:00pm    buy tickets

Sunday 15 10:00am    buy tickets

Sunday 15 12:00pm    buy tickets

Monday 16 10:00am    buy tickets

Monday 16 1:00pm    buy tickets

Tuesday 17 10:00am    buy tickets

Tuesday 17 1:00pm    buy tickets

Wednesday 18 1:00pm    buy tickets

Wednesday 18 10:00am    buy tickets

Thursday 19 10:00am    buy tickets

Thursday 19 1:00pm    buy tickets

Thursday 19 4:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 21 10:00am    buy tickets

Saturday 21 12:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 21 2:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 21 4:00pm    buy tickets

Sunday 22 4:00pm    buy tickets

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Saturday 14th December 2024 to Saturday 4th January 2025

Don’t be a pumpkin; grab your glass slippers and get ready to join us for this classic tale of Cinderella, a kind-hearted girl mistreated by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. With a little help from her fairy godmother’s magic and a bit of bippity-boppity-boo, she transforms for the royal ball, where she catches the attention of Prince Charming. But when the clock strikes midnight, the illusion fades, leaving only a single glass slipper behind.

Drama, Family

Friday 13 7:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 14 10:30am    buy tickets

Saturday 14 2:30pm    buy tickets

Saturday 14 7:00pm    buy tickets

Sunday 15 1:30pm    buy tickets

Sunday 15 6:00pm    buy tickets

Wednesday 18 3:30pm    buy tickets

Wednesday 18 11:00am    buy tickets

Thursday 19 11:00am    buy tickets

Thursday 19 3:30pm    buy tickets

Friday 20 3:30pm    buy tickets

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Saturday 21 7:00pm    buy tickets

Saturday 21 10:00am    buy tickets

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Tuesday 24 11:00am    buy tickets

Tuesday 24 3:30pm    buy tickets

Thursday 26 1:30pm    buy tickets

Thursday 26 6:00pm    buy tickets

Friday 27 11:00am    buy tickets

Friday 27 3:30pm    buy tickets

Saturday 28 11:00am    buy tickets

Saturday 28 3:30pm    buy tickets

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Tuesday 31 11:00am    buy tickets

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Friday 03 6:00pm    buy tickets

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